The Ballbusters Experince

We are all about fun here and we want your experince to be one that you will want to come back and do time and time again. Here is a look at what to expect when you spend the day at our field.

•Upon arrival you will check in at the store ◦Here you will pay field fees and purchase BBP Paint. The marker loaders hold 200 rounds. The average player will get 2-3 games per bag (500 rounds) of paint, depending on the players shooting speed.

•You then head outside to meet with a referee to go over the rules of play, equipment instruction, and ask any questions you may have.

•You will now load up your marker with BBP paintballs and move to the chronograph area. (Your referee will take you to this location)

•At the chronograph area your markers paintball velocity will be adjusted to 240-270 fps (feet per second).

•Now you will be brought to one of our fields to begin play!

Let the ball bustin begin!!!

Please click to download our Player's Waiver or Flyer
Ballbusters paintballBallbusters Paintball