Our Fields

At Ballbusters Paintball we have several fields for you to choose from. Begining with the traditional Speedball field and moving to woods and town courses, our location has it all. If you are an experinced player or a first timer we have an exciting layout that you will love to trade paint on.

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Field Descriptions

Speedball Course

This course offers a quick pace and open lines of fire for a tournament feel. The course consists of traditional air filled bunkers giving you a complete view of the field. If you are a fast paced player who loves the thrill of close combat then this is the field for you.

Woods Course

If you want the real life feel of forest combat then this is the course for you. On this feild the only cover is nature itself. Move through the forest as stealth as you can to surprise your enemies or stage an ambush as the other team advances.

Ballwall Course

The ballwall course is a woods course with scartered large plastic bunkers for you to hide behind. This course is a challenging course for all players offering less bunker cover and more woods action.

Pipes Course

Similar to the ballwall course this wooded course has scattred plastic pipes to provide cover as you move through the forest area tracking down the other team.

Toxic Waste Course

This course is speedball with a woods feel to it. The course is filled with large green silos providing cover as you advance forward taking on the other team. This course plays as fast as the speedball course but adds in the fun of woods cover.

POW Camp

This field is one of our largest courses offering a range of exciting positions for players to shoot from. As you make your way through this course you will find raised sniper tower positions that can give you a birds eye view of the enemies as they advance. Also in the center of the field is a large building that can house captured teammates to be freed during senario play or as a mid point bunker to defend durring elimination play. This couse is heavily wooded and allows for sneak attacks and other covert tactics.

Village Course

This is a very unique course offing a close quaters combat feel. Teams start in the woods behind opposite sides of the village and make there way to the buildings to see who can dig in first. This course requires strategy and team work to win. You can have the experince of moving building to building to clear out the enemies as you take control of the village.


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