Ballbusters Field Rules

Any person violating ANY BBP rules (listed here, at the field or given by a BBP employee) will be asked to leave the premises.

1. Approved, non-modified, paintball Masks MUST be worn at all times on all fields.

2. Barrel covers MUST be put on markers when:

~ Player is not on a field of play
~ Game is not in progress
~ The referee request covers be put on

3. ALL players must use BBP paint.

4. 285 fps maxium paintball velocity.

5. All players must have a signed waiver. Players under 18 must have parental consent on the waiver.

6. No blind firing.

7. No alcohol or drugs.

8. No foul/offensive language

9. No metal cleats

10. No Physical Contact and/or Fighting

11. HAVE FUN!!!

Please click to download our Player's Waiver or Flyer
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